Tree work from the arboriculture experts

Do you need your trees pruning away for your property?   Branches blocking out your view or light?  Or branches rubbing on your property possibly causing damage?  Leaves in gutters?   Roots affecting your foundations?  Rest assured Coastal Tree Services are here to help.

If you are not sure about the condition of your trees or perhaps you have noticed a fruiting body or cavity appearing at the base of the tree or the crown is thinner than normal. We can help with a professional approach for remedial tree works.

First Class Tree Care

Here at Coastal Tree Services we aim to deliver first class tree care to a professional standard. We work from BS5831 and draw from years of experience and training.  Working to meet our customer’s expectations as well as maintaining the health and shape of trees whilst also being mindful of the environment.

We serve our domestic customers as well as fulfilling contracts for commercial clients.

Experience & Qualifications

We have a comprehensive knowledge of tree legislation and environmental law such as TPOs, conservation areas wildlife acts and Resources Wales felling licenses. We are committed to strong environmental policy.

We are fully qualified and experienced Lantra certified tree surgeons.

Coastal Tree Services are fully insured with Public liability of up to £5,000,000 and employer’s liability for £10,000,000. All documents can be shown at a customer’s request.

Services we provide:


Felling & Stump Removal

Felling dead or dangerous trees is no problem whether it be dismantling bit by bit in sensitive areas or felling in one go! Stump removal, get those old stumps out and create more space in your garden.

Tree shaping

Thinning, crown lifting or crown reducing to let light through to open up that long lost view!  We can also formatively prune your fruit trees creating a structure to yield a better crop.

Keep your trees healthy

Removing dead wood, diseased and wind damaged branches, giving your trees some TLC!

Storm damage call out

Storm damage call out with all the winter storms coursing mayhem throughout the country rest assured Coastal will be there to clear up storm damaged trees.

Road side trees

Road side trees and vegetation control organised.  We can plan tree works where traffic control is needed such as signs and stop and go lights for any roadside work.  Our Staff are fully qualified to undertake road side works.

Forestry & Woodland management

Small scale forestry and country estate works including tree planting, woodland renovation, wildlife habitat creation/installation (bat and bird boxes) and rhododendron removal.  Work can be tailored to customer’s requirements and expectations.

Surveying and tree safety inspections and tree law

Do you have a business where the public are invited in? We can write surveys for businesses that have a duty of care (an insurance criteria) to the public whom they are inviting onto their property this can also include recommended tree works to help you manage your tree stock and keep the public safe.

We can also write reports for trees in relation to construction BS5837 this is one of the requirements for the local planning authority into granting planning for your development project.

If your trees are in a conservation area or have Tree Preservation Order restrictions on them we can help.  Resources Wales felling licences may be required on larger works again this is no problem and we can sort out the best approach.